2018 Freshmen Reception and Registration Job Was Successfully Completed

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On September 8, the campus newly decorated with flags, banners and balloons, was ready to welcome the arrival of freshmen. College leaders attached great importance to the reception and registration job of this year. They arrived at the registration spots together with heads of related departments, and directed the job in person. Party Secretary of JSOU Wang Jianming warmly greeted the newcomers, listened to their feedback about registration work and living conditions, and encouraged them to get adapted to college life by cultivating good habits. He required all the student party members and student leaders to set good examples, and work together with the newcomers to build a better campus life. The university President Cui Xinyou came to each registration spot, inspected the registration job and conversed with newcomers’ parents. He wished the freshmen to integrate themselves into college life quickly, and enjoy learning and living here. Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President Jin Lixia visited the reception staffs and volunteers and expected them to do even better job.

Party Secretary of JSOU Wang Jianming inspected the registration work

President Cui Xinyou conversed with volunteers

Deputy Party Secretary Jin Lixia greeted the newcomers

Each department and school coordinated with each other to ensure the success of this year’s reception job. Early in the morning, volunteers arrived at the railway station and bus station to welcome the newcomers and their parents. On campus, they were well received and directed so as to register efficiently and smoothly. The reception job was well organized and received thumbs-up from the freshmen and their parents.

Before the freshmen arrived, they had learned about the registration flow, dorm regulations, and campus safety tips from the college WeChat official platforms, which benefited the freshmen to build confidence and integrated them to college life.

Each school had a parents’ meeting on this day, introducing the professional development, talents cultivating system, and students’ regulations, and answering the questions raised by students and their parents.

1815 freshmen registered by 8 o’clock in the evening. The reception and registration job of 2018 was successfully completed. After that, the freshmen will begin their military training and orientation education. 

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