2018 College Army Recruitment Was Successfully completed at JSCVC

Views:43 Date:2018-09-10 Author:颜雪蓉

Joining the army is a dream that I have never wavered since I was a child, and I have long been yearning for military life. At present, a new era featured with Chinese Dream and the realization of the dream of strengthening the army, needs a large number of college students to participate. I wish I could personally witness the rise of a world-class army as a soldier. Zhang Zhichao, a student from school of architectural engineering shared his feelings of joining the army.  

Recently, JSCVC has successfully completed army recruitment for 2018 college students from business school, the school of architectural engineering, the school of media and design, information and mechanical engineering college, a total of 21 college students responded positively to the state Call on the army to serve the country. The party committee and administration attach great importance to the work, and functional departments have taken effective measures to ensure that the policies of enlistment including preferential recruitment, selection of training, tuition aid, education and employment, are implemented one by one in an attempt to render easy enlistment and considerate service convenient retirement to each enlisted college student. The armed forces department of our university has actively carried out a series of of work such as propaganda, political examination, medical examination, training, and so on. It has put in place the work of reserving student status, tuition compensation, payment of preferential treatment funds, employment and placement support and so on, which are of concern to enlisted college students, encouraging college students to actively develop and train themselves in the army and contribute to national defense.

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