JSOU’s New TV Program “Innovative College” Was Streamed by JSETV

Views:46 Date:2018-09-12 Author:陈敏

A new talk-show program made by JSOU —— “Innovative College”was streamed on JSETV channel at 9 am, Sep. 1. This is the only program that centers on new industries, new commercial formats, new development modes and new inventions. Some outstanding entrepreneurs, thinkers, and scientists are invited to the program and related their innovating and starting-up stories. 

The Party Secretary Xi Jinping attached great importance to industry innovation in his speech at the 8th Congress Conference of CPC. In response to the call of Party Central Committee, JSOU launched this new program aiming at promoting social education, forming an atmosphere of creative culture, and sharing knowledge, advice and experience with innovators. “Innovative College”is broadcast twice a month currently, and will be soon broadcast weekly .

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