Vice President Wang Wei Has a Field Investigation in Yangzhou Opera Garden

Views:34 Date:2018-09-14 Author:陈敏

On August 23, on the invitation of Li Zhengcheng, the famous Yang Opera artist and the Director of the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication of Yangzhou, Vice President of JSOU Wang Wei, together with the heads of Discipline Construction Division and other relevant departments went to Yangzhou Opera Garden and had a field investigation. 

Yangzhou Opera Garden is the key municipal project of Yangzhou, and is based on the site of Yangzhou Art School. The garden has been invested with 340 million Yuan, and completed in August, 2017. It covers 54 acres of land, with building area of 73,000 square meters. The Garden, including Yangzhou Art School and some other culture groups in Yangzhou, and consisting of three parts ——the school area, intangible culture heritage area, and demonstration area,has been built into a multi-functional cultural complex of training, displaying, inheriting and touring.

Vice President Wang Wei and his group visited the Garden, and had an investigation on Yangzhou Opera Group and Yangzhou Art School. Yin Deping, the Party Secretary and Vice Principal of Yangzhou Art School introduced the history and development of the school. Wang Wei introduced the discipline construction of opera performing major in JSOU, and expected a prospect of forming and developing a new Jiangsu-featured mode of cultivating talents and promoting the local opera culture by cooperating with Yangzhou Opera Group. The directors of Discipline Construction Division and School of Health and Retirement Education introduced the development and construction of opera performing major and the setting of Opera Performing Expert Committee. Li Zhengcheng spoke highly of JSOU for the efforts to promote Jiangsu local opera culture. Then both sides had a further discussion on the issues of cooperation and development.

Next, JSOU will have more connections with groups of various operas in Jiangsu, and make more contribution to explore the new mode of talents cultivation, promoting the opera culture in Jiangsu, and fostering cultural confidence. 

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