Training Course on VR Project Developing Technology Successfully Completed

Views:48 Date:2018-09-03 Author:陈敏

To keep up with the trend of VR technology development, and cultivate the talents in JSOU, a three-day training course on VR Project Developing Technology was co-held by HR Office and Resource Construction Center from July 17 to 20. 16 trainees from Resource Construction Center and each secondary school were chosen to attend the training held in Fujian Province VR Experience Center and the VR industrial base of Net Dragon Company.

During the training, the trainees visited the VR Experience Center, and learned about the application of VR in education and entertainment. Staff from marketing department and the director of art department of Net Dragon Co. gave lectures on pre-development preparation, artistic development management, and program development.

Trainees had a full conception of VR development management flow and practical application. They had deep discussion with the professionals about the application of VR into the course construction of JSOU.

Sun Xu said this training not only enabled the trainees to have a thorough understanding of VR technology and its application, but also had a better vision of management flow of VR project development. The training will expand the horizon of JSOU in course construction and build a solid foundation of our cooperation with businesses.

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